From 11 to 15 April 2022, I organised the first edition of the Worzy Basketball Camp in Walferdange (Luxembourg). Worzy Basketball Camp is THE intensive basketball camp!

In this article, I look back at the event that allowed dozens of young basketball players to quickly raise their game.

Do you want to know how? Then read on...

Worzy Basketball Camp

Credits: SUSA / Icon Sport

What is the Worzy Basketball Camp?

The Worzy Basketball Camp is an intensive basketball camp. It is entirely geared towards the development of complete basketball players.

It lasts 5 days and allows the players to quickly acquire the fundamentals of basketball. 5 days where coaches and players shared unforgettable moments!

A mix between what is done in France and the United States... Exercises. Confrontation. Individual competitions. Matches. It was a real success!

Many participants at the Worzy Basketball Camp


Photo credits: Nicolas Cadet

This basketball training camp was primarily aimed at young people aged 12 to 16. But some younger players could also participate.

In this first edition, we welcomed nearly 50 players. They were supervised by 7 coaches speaking 5 languages. 

The aim?

To provide them with the best possible support to encourage their progress and performance.

Why participate in this training camp?

When I was a teenager, I took part in several intensive basketball courses. In particular the one with Roger Tank in Nancy.

I had a meteoric rise. Technically and mentally.

I explain it in the The Ultimate Guide to Basketball Mental Preparation Learning new skills increases your motivation and self-confidence. And therefore, your performance.

This is what I want to bring to you with the Worzy Basketball Camp.

The educational objectives :

  • Learn the basics to become a great shooter,
  • Acquire the fundamentals to master your dribbling,
  • Learn how to score more layups,
  • Improve your stance and your starts,
  • To become a complete player on an individual and collective level,
  • Try to win individual competitions,
  • Playing against other players in a match.

A complete training programme complete!

Do you want to improve your mental skills?

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Worzy Basketball Camp sets up shop in Walferdange

For its very first edition, the Worzy Basketball Camp took place at the Centre Omnisports Prince Henri: the hall of the BBC Residence Walferdange. Club in which I coach since August 2021.

Other courses are being prepared. They may be held in other cities. But also in other countries than Luxembourg. In particular in France where I live.

Repetition, the basis of pedagogy

The best way to progress is to repeat over and over again. My former manager in finance used to say "Repetition is the basis of teaching".

This is true for any learning. It is especially true in basketball.

I have therefore concocted a programme adapted to the needs of players in search of success.

Worzy Basketball Camp: an intense programme

Each day the programme was more or less the same:

  • Warm-up and physical training,
  • Intensive training,
  • Balanced meals prepared by our chef,
  • Individual competitions in the early afternoon,
  • Championship matches in the afternoon,
  • Motivational speech of a pro player or coach

The main goal for young trainees?

  • Quickly apply the skills acquired,
  • Compete with other players,
  • Understand the level of commitment required for success.

Want to know how to set goals for success?

Click on this link to find out all the details : How to Achieve Your Basketball Goals in 3 Easy Steps.

Varied content for complete players

Youth Essential Skills was thetheme of this first Worzy Basketball Camp.

To acquire and perfect the essential fundamentals of a complete player.

  • Shooting: body positioning and mechanics
  • Static and moving dribbling
  • All forms of passes
  • Supports and pivots - H4
  • Layouts and finishes
  • Individual and collective attacking play
  • Individual defence: posture and placement

Chef Christophe's balanced meals

Can a Ferrari win without fuel?

No, of course not! The same applies to our basketball players.

We therefore wanted to offer them healthy and balanced meals on site.

Christophe, our chef, prepared delicious and balanced meals for them. This gave them the energy they needed for the rest of the programme...

This is what we are going to find out now!

Hotly contested individual competitions

Who doesn't like to compete with other players.

As a competitor, I have always loved individual competitions. There's nothing like it to motivate you and to draw the necessary resources from within yourself.

That is why I wanted to offer this to our young ballers.

Want to know how to use mental imagery? 

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Star Shooting Contest

The Star Shooting Contest is a shooting contest where the spots are placed in the shape of a star.

The objective of this competition is to score as many baskets as possible in 1 minute on different spots:

  • 0 degrees = 1 point
  • Elbow = 2 points
  • Top of the key = 3 points

Congratulations to Ryan, who won out of the 16 participants!

Finishing Contest

The Finishing Contest is a high intensity finishing contest. 16 players compete in a duel. In the end, only one can be left!

The goal: to sprint across the field and score two layups on both sides of the field.

This competition won by Noé Bovery was the subject of some fierce jousting. Click on the image to see one of her performances.

Skills Contest

Similar to the NBA All Star Game, 16 participants competed in the Skills Contest at the Worzy Basketball Camp.

All their skills were put to the test:

  • Dribbling speed
  • Quality of passes
  • Precise high intensity finishes
  • Shooting quality under stress

Emily McCue was the most efficient. In the final, she beat Illia Malkin in a breathtaking finish... Click on the video to watch it!

3-point Contest

The best 3-point shooter in the NBA is Stephen Curry.

At the Worzy Basketball Camp, 18 players tried to imitate him. Mathis Alexandre won the contest by scoring 13 shots.

A look back at his performance!

A 6-team championship

During 5 days, the players and their coach competed in a 6-team championship.

Each team will have played 5 games of 4 X 8 minutes. They are set up in such a way that the players produce a maximum effort. And that they progress quickly in an ultra competitive context.

The players put into practice the skills they had learned in the morning. Fun and intensity guaranteed!

Coach Pierre and his team won the championship (4 wins - 1 loss).

Izak Moller was voted MVP (Best Player) and Hannah Kyster MIP (Best Progression). 

Congratulations to both of them!

Izak Moller - MVP 

Photo credits: Nicolas Cadet

Hannah Kyster - MIP.

Photo credits: Nicolas Cadet

An affordable course

How much does it cost to register?

The price of this course was 300€ (balanced meals included). The most reactive could benefit from the introductory offer of -15%.

Considering the opinions of our young campers, it's worth it 🙂

What they say...

Worzy Basketball Camp reaches its goal!

This first edition of the Worzy Basketball Camp was a success...

Both on the educational level, as the youngsters have acquired many skills. As well as on a competitive level during the very competitive matches. Or the atmosphere of the course: pleasure, complicity and fun.

The next Worzy Basketball Camp will be held in the summer. No doubt the turnout will be very high again.

Did you participate in this course? Tell me in comments how you experienced it. What you thought about it.

See you soon for new adventures!


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My name is Steve ALEXANDRE, I am a certified coach of the French Basketball Federation, a certified mental & physical coach. Assistant-coach for Breakthrough Basketball Camp USA.

Do you want to score more baskets?

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Do you want to score more baskets?

Do you want to score more baskets?

Here is a FREE video training to help you improve your basketball skills, improve your shooting skills.

Discover my 7-step method to score more baskets, even from afar.

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