Klay Thompson is back!

Klay Thompson is back

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Klay Thompson is making his comeback. After 941 days away from the NBA floor following a serious injury. Many would have given up, but not him. 

In this article, I'm going to tell you the 5 secrets of his successful comeback. If you want to know them, then read on...

Klay Thompson is back... for good!

This week, Klay Thompson, made his comeback.
Klay? The other Splash Brother with Stephen Curry

He was injured in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals.
Rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the left knee.

New injury on November 18, 2020. As he was about to return. This time, he ruptured his right Achilles tendon.

Imagine how he must have felt at this relapse.
How frustrating! How would you have reacted in his place?

Well, after 941 days away from the courts, he's back...
And for good!

Klay Thompson's 5 secrets

To return to the competition, Klay called on all his resources. Here are the 5 secrets of his comeback.

Secret #1: Set clear goals

To get back on top, Klay Thompson has set clear goals.

1. An achievable goal: to play in the NBA again

2. A 3-step objective:
- Short term: run without pain
- Medium term: find solid support
- Long term: play an NBA game

3. Means objectives
- Heal this wound
- Train hard every day
- Think positive thoughts

Want to know how to set goals for success?

Click on this link to find out all the details : How to Achieve Your Basketball Goals in 3 Easy Steps.

Secret 2: Change your internal speech

Internal speech is everything you say to yourself in your head. Positive or negative.
Imagine... Every day you say to yourself "I'm no good, I won't achieve anything. I'm going to give up".

What messages are you sending to your brain? Does it help you to succeed?
Of course it doesn't!

Klay Thompson changed his internal speech. He replaced it with positive thoughts.

- I have always been able to rise to the challenge.
- I'm going to come back to my best level
- It's not easy, but I will succeed

These are the words of a warrior. The words of a champion.

Secret 3: Be determined

To get back to his best, Klay has:
1. Ignored the pain
2. Worked hard every day
3. Stayed the course

These are the three ingredients that made his return to the top possible.

Klay Thompson scores 37 pts in one quarter! 

Secret #4: Klay Thompson visualizes his success

Walt Disney said "If you can dream, you can do it".
If you can dream it, you can do it.
The best way to realise a dream is to visualise it.

Visualisation is about (re)creating images in your head.
There are some very effective techniques for visualizing
In particular, creative visualisation.
The objective? To program your subconscious mind to obtain the desired result.

Splash Brother has been practising it for two years.
Today, his dream has become reality.

Want to know how to use mental imagery? 

Click on this link to discover all the details of Mental Preparation for Basketball: The Ultimate Guide.

Secret #5: Let go

Klay Thompson and the power of intention

Klay Thompson's final secret to success is letting go.

What is letting go?

Imagine the archer, he :
- takes his bow
- adjusts his arrow
- bends his bow
- focuses on his target
- releases the arrow

He puts all his intention into it.

Klay Thompson uses the archer's secret

What does he do from then on? Does he run after the arrow? Does he shout at it to make it hit its target? 

No. On the contrary.

The archer did what he had to do to hit the target. With the best of intentions. Now he waits for the result. That is what "letting go" means.

Once you have done your best to succeed, wait for the result. The rest is up to you. You can't control the rain or the wind.

That's what Golden State's #11 did:
- He relied on his physical therapists
- He worked hard every day
- He relaxed, meditated every day

The resilience of Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is for me the greatest example of resilience. There are many who would have given up.

Whether you're a basketball player or not, you'll face adversity one day.
When that day comes, remember the secrets of the Golden State Warriors player.

And you, what is your goal. What is that dream you want to achieve?

Tell me in the comments.



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